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Apr 27 2014

Looping over User Profile Directories

I wrote the following script a few years ago to help me loop over all user profiles to make changes to a configuration file that was stored there.  The target systems were all Windows XP and Windows 7 at the time, but I couldn’t be certain where the profiles would be (C:\Documents and Settings, C:\Users, D:\Users, etc), and I wanted to make sure to hit only valid profiles and not old copies such as username.old, that were left behind from troubleshooting.


Apr 17 2014

Microsoft Volume Activation Management Tool 3.0 (VAMT 3.0) Shared Setup – Step by Step

The Microsoft Volume Activation Management Tool (VAMT) is an administrative console meant to make it easier for IT Staff to remotely manage the Microsoft licenses on devices on the network.  It can deploy and activate keys for products like Windows (both desktop & server platforms) and Microsoft Office.  While the previous version of VAMT was a standalone MMC where you could optionally store data in flat files, this version now uses a SQL backend to store both your product keys in, as well as computers that you’ve inventoried.  This guide will attempt to walk you through the installation of VAMT 3.0 and setup of your VAMT database.