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Oct 6 2015

Seven Geeky Essentials for my European Trip

I was fortunate enough this year to be able to take a considerable amount of time off and explore some absolutely stunning regions in Europe.  This wasn’t one of those “disconnect from the world” trips, however.  While I did remove my office mail profile, Microsoft Lync, and my work OneDrive from my phone, I still stayed connected with friends a family through my phone, ipad, and DSLR.  Before leaving, I did a little research, a little downloading, and some purchasing so that I didn’t end up disconnected.  Below, I’ve described my seven geeky essentials for getting through around ten European hotels across four countries.


Jul 1 2015

Using WinDirStat to Cleanup Disk Space

WinDirStat, by the company of either the same name or of no name, is in my opinion one of the best tools for quickly understanding where all the space on your hard disk has gone.  After scanning your disk, it graphically reports back to you a Windows Explorer like view of your directory structure sorted by space consumed, a list of file extensions with how much space each consumes, and a colored block view that is representative of the size of individual files.



May 26 2015

Use Ninite to Install Your Windows Apps

As it’s been around for years, I’m still surprised at how often I find someone who hasn’t at least heard of Ninite.  This application can possibly save you hours of setup and configuration each time you buy a new computer, or rebuild your existing one.  Ninite aggregates the most popular freeware on to a single web page, let’s you hand select the ones you need, and then custom builds an installer for those applications.  The installer is generated within seconds, and saves you the hassle of visiting the individual web pages of all of the software you’re going to need anyway.  As a bonus, they’ve already gone through the hassle of making sure that none of the toolbars and miscellaneous junk gets installed alongside the software.