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Oct 6 2015

Seven Geeky Essentials for my European Trip

I was fortunate enough this year to be able to take a considerable amount of time off and explore some absolutely stunning regions in Europe.  This wasn’t one of those “disconnect from the world” trips, however.  While I did remove my office mail profile, Microsoft Lync, and my work OneDrive from my phone, I still stayed connected with friends a family through my phone, ipad, and DSLR.  Before leaving, I did a little research, a little downloading, and some purchasing so that I didn’t end up disconnected.  Below, I’ve described my seven geeky essentials for getting through around ten European hotels across four countries.


Jun 23 2015

The Sonos Music Ecosystem

When I purchased my first Sonos device back in 2012, I had been looking for something like this system for at months. I didn’t seem to think that my requirements were that out of the ordinary, but I had a hard time finding something that met all my needs at a price that I considered reasonable. What I’m looking for is an easy way to share all kinds of music across multiple speakers in multiple rooms and control it all easily. I wanted the ability for them to stay completely in sync or to all be playing something independently.