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Oct 6 2015

Seven Geeky Essentials for my European Trip

I was fortunate enough this year to be able to take a considerable amount of time off and explore some absolutely stunning regions in Europe.  This wasn’t one of those “disconnect from the world” trips, however.  While I did remove my office mail profile, Microsoft Lync, and my work OneDrive from my phone, I still stayed connected with friends a family through my phone, ipad, and DSLR.  Before leaving, I did a little research, a little downloading, and some purchasing so that I didn’t end up disconnected.  Below, I’ve described my seven geeky essentials for getting through around ten European hotels across four countries.


Aug 10 2015

First Impressions of Windows 10

Just shy of a week ago, a few days after Microsoft released Windows 10 to the public, I downloaded and installed it.  I had run some pre-release versions in Virtual Machines and on a test laptop over the last few months, but this was my first venture into upgrading with my everyday machine, and the one I’m writing from now.  With a single exception, which I’ll mention below, the upgrade went completely smoothly.  I didn’t lose any data, and all of my applications continue to function perfectly. In the post below, I’m going to discuss how I upgraded, and seven of the things that have come up as “first impressions”.  Specifically, things that have changed since Windows 8.1.


Jun 23 2015

The Sonos Music Ecosystem

When I purchased my first Sonos device back in 2012, I had been looking for something like this system for at months. I didn’t seem to think that my requirements were that out of the ordinary, but I had a hard time finding something that met all my needs at a price that I considered reasonable. What I’m looking for is an easy way to share all kinds of music across multiple speakers in multiple rooms and control it all easily. I wanted the ability for them to stay completely in sync or to all be playing something independently.


May 18 2015

Google Domains Beta Review

I’ve had the opportunity to play in the Google Domains Beta program over the last two months.  I submitted my name into the program sometime in late 2014 and was accepted (along with a lot of other people) in December.  I moved my first domain over from my current registrar in February 2015 and registered my first new domain through them in March 2015.  In this post, I’ll discuss my experience transferring in an existing domain, registering a new domain, how the service works (with screen shots) and what I like and don’t like about it.