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Oct 27 2015

PowerShell Script to Report SCCM DP Disk Space

I wrote the following script to quickly output how much disk space my SCCM Distribution Points consumed.  If you’re not running a CAS, you’ll want to change line 21 to point to your primary.  This requires that you have the Configuration Manager console installed on the machine.

It’s not pretty but it did the trick.  I’m certainly open to suggestions in the comments.


Jun 8 2015

SCCM SQL Query to Determine Installed Browsers

I recently wrote the following SQL Query to help identify which browsers are installed across our environment.  A straight Add/Remove Programs (v_AddRemovePrograms) query didn’t really return the data in such a way that made it easy to determine major version of Firefox or Chrome, and doesn’t include Internet Explorer since that’s not listed in Add/Remove Programs.  This view alone also does not capture user based installations of Chrome.  You may need to modify slightly for your environment.


Jun 3 2015

Creating an SCCM Collection from an List of Computers in Excel

I frequently use this trick to manage collections of computers in SCCM where the original list comes from Excel, or from a query of another system that I can dump into Excel.  Doing it this way, you don’t have to rely on adding computers one at a time to a collection query or dumping systems into tools like the the ConfigMgr 2012 Right Click Tools (which by the way are awesome).  One thing to note is that you’re adding systems by name when you do it in a query, and not as direct adds.  This may or may not be your desired state, just something to keep in mind.


May 12 2015

SCCM 2012 DP Errors: SendFiles Failed

One of my distribution points recently stopped getting DP updates.  I tried my normal troubleshooting steps – creating a new package, checking disk space, source folder permissions, server reboot, etc., but no dice.  I reviewed the DISTMGR.LOG on the primary site responsible for the distribution point, and found the following:

When I look in the PKGXFERMGR.LOG, I found the following:


Aug 13 2014

Setup was unable to compile Sql CE script file CIStateDBUpgrade.sqlce during CCM Setup

Recently I was troubleshooting a Windows 7 Service Pack 1 system where the CCM Client would not install manually or via push. The following was reported in the CCMSETUP.LOG:

I tried all my standard troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue, which included making sure all versions of the client were removed, attempting to repair WMI, and even going as far as deleting the WMI repository, which is strongly discouraged by Microsoft, but is often a last resort. I also tried toying around with SQL Server Compact Edition, doing things like re-registering all the associated DLLs, but still no luck.