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May 2 2017

SCCM SQL Query to Find Machines Impacted by AMT Firmware Exploit (INTEL-SA-00075)

The following SQL should help identify the state of impacted systems. Please review thoroughly before relying on this information, while I believe the results should be accurate, you should do your own due diligence. Please let me know if you find any errors or have any suggestions to return better data.

More information on INTEL-SA-00075 here.


May 27 2016

Recursively Query v_R_user in Configuration Manager

The following query will allow you to search the view v_R_user in the Microsoft Configuration Manager database so that you can identify a manager and then find everyone who works for that manager all the way down the tree. I’ve found this useful in the past for joining with other information in the database to identify all the systems used by a specific group within an organization. This requires that you collect the manager name during user discovery. You can remove any fields that you don’t discover. It also requires that you have managers identified in Active Directory for discovery.