Microsoft Volume Activation Management Tool 3.0 (VAMT 3.0) Shared Setup – Step by Step

The Microsoft Volume Activation Management Tool (VAMT) is an administrative console meant to make it easier for IT Staff to remotely manage the Microsoft licenses on devices on the network.  It can deploy and activate keys for products like Windows (both desktop & server platforms) and Microsoft Office.  While the previous version of VAMT was …

Adjusting DCOM Settings via Script

I was recently tasked with adjusting the DCOM Security Settings (DCOM: Machine Access Restrictions and DCOM: Machine Launch Restrictions) in the local security policy on a number of computers. These can be changed manually by opening the Local Security Policy and browsing to Local Policies and then Security Options, but it needed to be more automated than that and needed to be rolled out to a few hundred Windows XP Computers.