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Apr 25 2017

Remove Recent Printers from Chrome Preferences File (PoSH)

Chrome does not remove “Recent Printers” from the print option box when a user or an administrator deletes a printer from the machine. This can cause problems when a printer is removed by policy or is updated with a new print server name, but a user continues totry and print to the old server. This script will remove the printer from the PREFERENCES file. You can provide no printer list and all Recent Printers will be removed, or you can specific a specific printer.

May 18 2015

Google Domains Beta Review

I’ve had the opportunity to play in the Google Domains Beta program over the last two months.  I submitted my name into the program sometime in late 2014 and was accepted (along with a lot of other people) in December.  I moved my first domain over from my current registrar in February 2015 and registered my first new domain through them in March 2015.  In this post, I’ll discuss my experience transferring in an existing domain, registering a new domain, how the service works (with screen shots) and what I like and don’t like about it.