Adding Individual Office 365 Product to Existing Installation

I was having a discussion last week about how if you want to add a new product to an existing Office 365 ProPlus installation (such as adding Microsoft Access after already laying down Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), you need to supply an XML with the apps you want to exclude (no longer including Access) but you don’t always know what’s on the system to start with during a large deployment.

For example, if half your systems have Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint, and the other half only have Word and Excel, you can’t use the same XML file to install Access on them because you’d end up installing/uninstalling other things.  In short – there’s no “IncludeApp”, only “ExcludeApp” in the XML.  I wrote a solution for this problem.

First, a couple of things up front:

  • I wrote this two years ago.  I’m still using it today, but I dug it up because it came up in conversation at MMS last week.
  • Second, I wrote this two years ago, there might be better ways to do this now with new versions of the installer that I haven’t looked into.
  • Third, I wrote this two years ago, please don’t judge some of my PS mistakes too harshly.  I’ve learned a lot since then.  :-)
  • And finally, this isn’t meant to be run as is – you’ll probably need to tweak it slightly for your environment.

The script works by taking a baseline XML (that you can modify if you’d like), and then adjusts the architecture, version, and language attributes of the XML to match what the target system has installed.  It then looks to see which apps are already excluded, and adds them into the XML file as excluded apps.  It ignores, however, the excluded app you’re trying to install, such as Access.

The output of the script is the XML file that you’ll need to call setup against.



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