Creating an SMS 2003 CCR within Excel

I created the following function to create Microsoft SMS 2003 Client Configuration Requests from within Excel and dump them all out into a temporary directory for me to copy to the SMS inbox. For those that are unaware, you can “ask” SMS 2003 to remotely install the client by putting a CCR file into the INBOXES\CCR.BOX folder on the SMS Site server.

Problems with Notepad++ FTP_Synchronize Plugin

I was excited to find out recently that Notepad++ has a plug-in that will allow you to edit files on an FTP server. The plug-in, which has come with Notepad++ since v4.7, is FTP_Synchronize. Unfortunately, although I’m on Notepad++ 5.2, the plug-in did not work out of the box for me. While I could connect to and browse my FTP server, any attempt to download a file resulted in the error “Unable to create directory for file C”.

Microsoft Office Registered User Setup via Script

The following AutoIt script will allow you to set the Microsoft Office Registered User Name, Initials, and Company via a script by getting the name information from Active Directory and modifying the keys . This is useful in corporate environments where you don’t want it to have a generic name when you’re being told someone else has your file open.

Ignoring Netware Tree or Server Error with SafeBoot

With the Netware client we’re using, we found that when implementing SSO through Safeboot that if a laptop was off our network but on another network (such as home wireless) that the user would get an error regarding the tree or server not being able to be found. It asks the user if they want to continue to logon to NT without logging into Netware. This is happening because normally our users would know to check “Workstation Only” when on another network, but they don’t get this option with Safeboot.