Script to Find Attached USB Mass Storage Devices

I wrote the following script to find and list attached USB Mass Storage Devices and determine the disks and partitions associated with them.


Better PoSH: Avoid Using += for Arrays

I’ve found myself hanging around some PowerShell chats lately, and I’ve been picking up on a lot of neat tricks to write better code. This one comes my way via Adam Cook from his blog post on his awesome new function Get-CMUnusedSources (seriously, if you’re a ConfigMgr shop, check it out).

Inventory Java with Configuration Manager

Short and sweet for those at MMS 2019 who were looking to inventory java usage with Configuration Manager.  There is a 2018 System Center Dudes post on metering java.  The post was based on a CI created by Steve Jesok of TCSMUG back in 2015.  The original script doesn’t account for problems with newer versions …