Microsoft Office Registered User Setup via Script

This post was previously released under a different blog and is being republished by me below. That site is no longer available. I am the original author.

The following AutoIt script will allow you to set the Microsoft Office Registered User Name, Initials, and Company via a script by getting the name information from Active Directory and modifying the keys . This is useful in corporate environments where you don’t want it to have a generic name when you’re being told someone else has your file open.

To compile this script into an EXE that you can run, you’ll need to download the AutoIt compiler from this website. You’ll want to change Dim $sCompany = “Generic Company” to have your company name, although it doesn’t look like Office ever reads this key, it’s probably using your Windows company name instead.

Also, this script will update Microsoft Office 2000 (9.0) and XP (11.0), if you have other versions, add them under “; Define Office Keys“, and then add new RegWrite lines under “; Update the Registry“.


      Assumes that characters are single byte and adds a null character to the end.


    Use the latest version of AutoIt to compile (problem with REG_BINARY in older versions).

Updated 22-August-2009: I’ve updated the script to include support for Office 2007.


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