PowerShell Script to Report SCCM DP Disk Space

I wrote the following script to quickly output how much disk space my SCCM Distribution Points consumed.  If you’re not running a CAS, you’ll want to change line 21 to point to your primary.  This requires that you have the Configuration Manager console installed on the machine.

It’s not pretty but it did the trick.  I’m certainly open to suggestions in the comments.




  1. Nice script! I made use of it, but just an fyi, not sure if the PS command Get-CMDistributionPoint changed recently but for some reason I get nothing when I run this with no parameters. So to get it to work across my two Sites I used this in the beginning:

    $dp1 = Get-CMDistributionPoint -SiteCode ZZZ
    $dp2 = Get-CMDistributionPoint -SiteCode YYY
    $dp = $dp1 + $dp2

    I could have written code to discover all the site codes dynamically and built it that way, but this got the job done for me.


  2. Hi Christopher,
    Thanks you for this script, it’s exactly what I needed.
    As you say on your script a little recognition is always good so I wanted to show my gratitude for sharing your script.


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