So, you’ve deleted the Windows Store. Ooops.

Those enterprises who jumped on the Windows 10 bandwagon early and didn’t like the idea of the Windows Store being installed by default may have taken it upon themselves to force the removal of the Windows Store before reading some of the best practices for either disabling it, or setting up a Windows Store for Business.  You’ve now found yourself in an unsupported scenario and unsure how to get the store back when you want it without reinstalling the OS.  Assuming you didn’t delete the underlying WindowsApp files, the following script will help you get the Store reinstalled.

If you did remove the folders from the WindowsApp folder, which I haven’t tested, it may work simply to get them back from a copy of Windows 10 running the same build and making sure they’re ACL’d and owned correctly.  If you end up testing this before I do, pop a note into the comments and let us know.

You may not be any more “supported” by Microsoft than you were before before, but at least you now have a working store!


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