Using PowerShell to Rerun an SCCM Client Advertisement

I wrote the following function to rerun an advertisement on a remote client computer using either the AdvertisementID or the PackageID. Like all sample code found online, please run through a test environment first, and use at your own risk!



  1. Going to test this today, just curios what happens when I rerun a package that has several programs deployed (an install line and uninstall line) will it run the install then the uninstall afterwoods? or can you specify which program ID to run?

    • Great question, Nat! Right now it’d run all of them but what a great idea for an improvement!

  2. Great script. How long until the advertisement begins to run? Does App deployment need to run to kick off the updated trigger schedule?

    • Hey Justin, thanks! The advertisement will begin immediately if it’ll run from the DP or is already in the cache, otherwise it’ll run after it’s re-cached. Since it’s an advertisement and not a deployment, App Deployment will not need to run. In other words, this is for packages/programs and not applications.

  3. Thanks Chris, I can see this script being very useful.

    i’m curious if there is a way to retrieve the names of the Distribution Points that are sent back to the client when it requests DPs from the MP. I have been digging through the various WMI classes and name spaces on the SCCM client, but I can’t seem to find a way to do this via WMI or PowerShell.

    Seems like the only way I have found to do this is to search through the LOG files.


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